Fiber from a paper bag…

Creating a new vision

Designers are extraordinary. Why? Simply, amongst infinite reasons, they see what others...the common man or woman, could never see albeit never always while simply enough to time effortlessly, differentiate themselves. Agreed, this is a truth that is arguably self evident while the salient fact suggests not all designers, anymore than the pastor behind the pulpit, are capable of seeing anew once a career has settled into its predictable arc. Enter a pondering from us at PS Art Company for your next critical...possibly existential project. Consider creating a Micro via the Macro consequently creating a new narrative woven sublimely with its proprietary anecdotes. In grand fiction this would represent adding two subplots within the narrative at the moment conventional wisdom argues the current plot structure is powerful enough.

To continue, the micro images of fibers...arteries within a fabric defining a simple paper bag, when under close if not microscopic review, are simply enthralling if not alluring while ever arcane. What is it is the question at first glance? To the practically any eye, it can not be discerned. It simply remains art...a creation of texture, shape, and color merged. What happens next is the place of emotional, creative renewal. The designer sees not a paper bag...nor a singular entity but a piece of art within the whole standing stoically  on its own merits. It needs no support it as it is grand unto itself.

Paper Fibers

To wit, the brilliant designer has created a micro piece into a stand alone. What happens next if the brilliance continues into multiple stand alone...micro pieces all framed, named, with an identity secured while when all combined creates a new whole not indifferent than a village when all of its citizens stand on the village green for the annual “family” photo. 

The paper bag entity in our treatise remains simply grand while elevated to being stellar when defined according to its individual parts. Macro + Micro = a designers proprietary narrative defining a creative sphere of differentiation consequently, could one say for a moment one has become renewed?

In conclusion, is it not true designers eyes can never be seeing what others see or risk being compared equally to the common man and woman accompanied with the stark consequence of having to soon engage a new and possibly more daunting existential experience? 

E. Miller

PS Art Company Inc.