Photography To Painted Interpretation

Photos are simply images whose anecdotes are waiting to be introduced into the designer’s narrative yet, what if the photo was more...much more?

Are the possibilities to include the extraordinary...arcing toward a sublime narrative? Is not sublime a foundation for creating a truly robust brand?

Photos of bridges are no less than portraits of an anthropomorphic marvels who, like the photographer that captured the moment...the precise, absolute moment in time when a finger touched a button, it never clearly comprehends what it can become nor where it can travel to. Enter the designer grasping as if all things depend on it, to a new way of articulating an old image...a bridge for which generations recognize it simply as the Golden State Bridge

Let us travel with the thought...first with a gentle, even benign...if not subtle first step. Than let us engage the immediate possibilities. Let us paint the photo as if masters of the old art had entered the room. Designer’s this essential moment latch on to your it goat hair, hog hair, horse hair, camel hair, or red sable we simply progress. The anecdotes are sprinting toward us...a world wind ensues… and then the prize as we are in possession of a birth to a narrative child seeking comfort amongst the commodities of photo images long past their prime.