Promises kept and assurances honored are my goals in business. While these objectives are at times difficult to achieve, when decisions are to be made and their consequences to be measured, it is how I think. Over time and experience it is who I have become. The fabric of P. S. Art is woven with these essential characteristics

My career has spanned over forty years with time spent in virtually every management position typically found in mid to upper size companies. My focus has been on manufacturing one product or another.  The production facility was the soul of each company while the heartbeat resonated from the many individuals who dedicated themselves each day to creating a valuable product.

Those individuals were always my most important responsibility. Did they have the necessary resources to guarantee their success? Was my counsel and leadership satisfactory? The questions never ended and my concerns were ever present.

Today, as the owner of P. S. Art,  little has changed while some things will never be the same.  P.S. Art is more than an American manufacturing company.  It is an opportunity for many to find themselves, their affections andpossibly a career.  I arrive each day committed to their dreams while ever evaluating and analyzing the market and industry to which we are dedicated. We have had many of the same customers for 25 years, relationships founded on trust and loyalty.  Promises kept and assurances honored sustain these ongoing alliances.

In closing, thank you for visiting our website.  If there is an opportunity in your busy schedule, please fee free to call me. I am certain I would enjoy visiting with you.

David Woodyard

Expert Manufacturer and Owner